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Release of Minors 

For individuals aged under 18, it is against our safeguarding policy for us to dismiss them from TATU Taekwon-Do premises without a parent or guardian present. Unlike schools, we are bound by this legal requirement. Therefore, no individual under the age of eighteen will be permitted to leave until they are collected by a parent or guardian. This includes stepping into the car park to look for you. 

If you wish to waive this rule and grant permission for your child to leave the venue without a parent or guardian, we require documented permission.


I, the undersigned parent/guardian, hereby acknowledge and accept the associated risks of allowing my child to leave TATU Taekwon-Do premises without a parent or guardian present. I understand that, under normal circumstances, it is against the safeguarding policy for individuals under 18 to leave the premises without proper supervision.

By signing this form, I affirm that I have been informed of and understand this policy. I consent to waive the usual requirement and permit my child to leave TATU premises without a parent or guardian.

I further commit to informing TATU promptly if there are any changes in the circumstances that might affect this waiver.

Thanks for submitting!

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