About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

TATU Started in 2012 as a self-defence company running realistic self-defence scenario training for civilians and the military.

In September 2013 with 9 students TATU Taekwon-Do was born, with one mission, to run a traditional Taekwon-Do martial arts association that teaches realistic and practical self-defence.

Moving into 2021 TATU Taekwon-Do has 4 schools and over 150 students from 3 years old up to 58. We have multiple students with British, International and world championship titles. We pride our self on producing high-quality Martial artists and young people who are dedicated and driven in their passion, inside and outside Taekwon-Do.

Within the TATU Family, we now have personal training, sports taping and cupping, endurance event training, OCR (obstacle course race) training, self-defence and close protection. Growing and striving to better our self you can guarantee 2022 will be a huge year for us.

Meet The Team

With a highly trained and DBS certified Instructor Team,

you’ll receive the best Taekwon-Do, Martial Arts and Self-Defence training you can find.