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The latest books from the Black Belt Project featuring Mr. Jarosław Suska VI DAN, multiple world and European champion along with European and World Cup champions: Mr. Lylian Doulay VI DAN from France and Mr. Massimo Persia from Italy, Mr. Mark Trotter from New Zealand, Miss Soledad Serrano from Argentina, Miss Madeleine and Miss Marielle Lind from Norway.

A great guidebook not only for the beginners but for everyone who wants to master Taekwon-do basic techniques and patterns.

– theory,
– examples of step-sparring
– basic stances
– basic techniques
– competition rules
– excercises and patterns from Saju-Jirugi to Choong – Moo

The books covers basic exercises Saji-Jirugi and Saju-Makgi plus patterns from Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo, every movement is described with English and Korean name and of course each has a picture and graphic describing the movement of the feet.

A perfect complement to the official ITF Art of Taekwon-Do book and the Condensed Encylopaedia.

Path to Black Belt

14-60 Days
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