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Our policies and codes of conduct have been specifically created to ensure the safety and enjoyment of lessons for all our members. As a member of TATU you are required to take time to familiarise yourself with all our policies and codes of conduct.

  • What is TinyTAT's?
    Learning Taekwon-Do at a young age carries many benefits for children and is a great way of helping energetic little characters to learn to focus. Our syllabus for 3 to 5 year olds has been expertly coordinated to build and develop the specific needs that young children need to lead a healthy and safe life and our classes are taught using the most safe and exciting instruction methods available.
  • What will they learn?
    LIFE SKILLS & FOUNDATION MARTIAL ARTS The classes are packed with exercises to ensure that your child gets the best of martial arts and increase their life skills, as well as building areas such as discipline, focus, self-control, fitness, confidence, perseverance and many other areas. FITNESS THROUGH FUN Our classes are always fast-paced and pack full of all the exciting martial arts moves. We focus a lot on partner work to help your kids learn, interact and socialise with other children, which is especially important if they are going to develop into successful and confident adults. A positive class where your kids will burn off some energy! FOCUS & DISCIPLINE We instil a sense of discipline in our kids' martial arts classes, which means your child will quickly develop more focus and confidence, therefore, you will see great improvements in their concentration levels and from this, it is proven that children who participate in martial arts achieve more at school.
  • Self-Defence
    Children need to be able to defend themselves and avoid being bullied at school, therefore in our kid’s martial arts classes, we include forms of self-defence. However, we do not teach your child how to be aggressive, our classes teach children traditional martial arts values, such as respect for oneself and others.
  • Safety First
    All the benefits outlined above with the knowledge that our program is EXTREMELY safe. Martial arts have fewer injuries a year than any other sport because our syllabus and venue are designed with safety in mind.
  • Important info for the Parents/Guardians
    TATU Taekwon-Do makes a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every individual to stay safe. ​ Our safeguarding lead and welfare officer is Mr M. Turner
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